5 Things You Should Know About NFL Sunday Prior to Going into Office

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Eagles1) Eagles – Lions “Snowbowl” was insane. At points, you could hardly see the field. Mashable.com put together some crazy photos from twitter users at the game here.

2) Peyton Manning was virtually unstoppable once again. He threw for nearly 400 years and 4 touchdown passes. I think he answered his critics on being able throw in the cold…

3) The Patriots scored 2 touchdowns inside of 2:30 left in the 4th quarter to stun the Cleveland Browns in Foxboro. They utilized an onside kick to get the ball back with a minute to go and two plays later received a pass interference call that put the Patriots on the 1 yard line. Brady hit Amendola for the game winner in what was a heart breaker for the Browns.

Gronkowski may be the larger story involved in this one. It appears he is out for the season with a torn ACL

4) Flacco and the Ravens had a similar story book ending when Flacco hit blank for the game winning touchdown with 5 seconds remaining. Hell of a throw and catch to win the game.

5) Matthew Prater, kicker for the Denver Broncos, hit a monster kick in the first half breaking the NFL record for longest kick in NFL history. He had help from the wind but what a monster kick!

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